May 2, 2023

Playlist Pages

A screenshot of a space page on desktop and mobile
A screenshot of a space page on desktop and mobile
A screenshot of a space page on desktop and mobile

In the biggest update to date, we’re thrilled to share our new Space Pages. After speaking to countless users, we’ve made Spaces smarter, faster, and more useful overall.

First off, you’ll see that Spaces now feature artwork prominently, right at the top of the page, as well as the title and a new description field, letting you provide context for the project, release, or group of tracks within.

Just below, you’ll see a new play button front and center. Clicking this will immediately start playing the tracks in your Space right from the top, seamlessly transitioning from one to the next in our standard uncompressed, lossless playback. Just as before, you can easily change the order by dragging and dropping wherever you prefer.

You’ll also notice new shortcuts to core actions you most frequently take on Highnote. Quickly upload new files, create attachments, record a voice memo, add an existing track from your library, or download everything in the Space, all without having to disrupt your flow and dive into additional menus.

In Spaces where you have attachments, you’ll see that we’ve separated playable tracks from your static files (think: art reference jpegs, lyric notes, cue sheets, and other supporting documents) and links. Now, when you click upload or drag and drop things into your Space, we automatically detect the file type and organize them in these two categories. To make any changes once you’ve uploaded, you can always hit edit from its row.

  • Spaces can now have artwork

  • Add descriptions to provide context

  • Prominent play button for easy listening

  • New shortcuts for adding tracks and downloading

  • Smart organization when adding different file types

  • Optimized for mobile viewing and listening