SMS Login and Audio Playback Fixes

September 27, 2023

New Feature: Users can now log in using a phone number and verifying via SMS.

Fix: Fixed some audio playback issues. Track versions should swap seamlessly (if they are preloaded), switching between tracks in a Space should play/pause as expected, and you should not have to refresh in order to see the waveform of your newly uploaded version.

Fix: Fixed a bug due to a recent Chrome update that caused certain areas of carousel cards to be un-clickable.

Fix: Waveforms should now render immediately after loading new Track versions without needing to refresh the page.

Fix: Fixed an issue where uploading versions that had different durations would cause playback issues.

New Feature: Introducing account linking! Now you can add multiple sign-in methods for a single account. Go to your Account Settings and click “Add Sign In Method” to start.

Fix: Fixed an issue where users could get mysteriously logged out of their Highnote session in certain circumstances if they had multiple tabs open.