More upload improvements and various fixes

June 3, 2024

Improvement: We’ve increased file sizes supported, to make your workflow faster

For Uploads:

  • Individual audio files up to 2GB

  • There are no limits on total size of batch uploads, as long as you’re within your total storage space of your plan

For Downloads:

  • 10GB per batch download

  • If you do have a space that’s more than 10GB, which we haven’t seen happen often, you’ll just need to do a couple batches

Fix: The list of spaces in the sidebar was in a different order than the Home tab

Fix: When being newly invited to Highnote via a nested Space, some users didn’t receive permissions to the appropriate Spaces within that tree Fix: When moving files using the Move To picker, users could get into a state where no action could be taken

Improvement: When you reach a file size limit, we now trigger a notification tell you what has happened