Modular Permissions and SMS Notifications

October 31, 2023

Fix: Unread notifications have been buggy for a while. We finally got around to fixing them this week! You should see notifications as expected in your activity feed.

Deprecation: Removed dots and “NEW” icons to indicate unread items, replacing them with better notification functionality.

New Feature: Introducing modular permissions! Now users have finer grain control around member permissions in your Collections and Spaces.

Refinement: Related to the above change, Share Settings are now in a dialog instead of a panel, which means you can edit permissions directly from your Library instead of having to click through to the item’s page.

New Feature: Overhauled our Notifications system to bring you better, more customizable options that are easy to understand. Visit your Account Settings → Notifications to check it out!

Refinement: Streamlined the login and signup flows into one simple, elegant experience.New Feature: SMS Notifications are finally here! We began supporting phone-based account credentials a while back, but now you’ll also receive notifications via this number.