Downloading improvements, better navigation, shortcuts.

June 17, 2024

Improvement: Smoother, faster downloading

Previously when waiting on a large download, you saw a spinner animation that didn’t offer much info about your download’s progress or remaining wait time.  This was because we were downloading everything in the background and then giving you an “instant” download experience once that finished. Depending on your connection that could feel like it was taking a long, long time.

Now, when you click to download a large Space we’ll calculate the size and estimated time it’ll take to process that download. If it’s a large file, we’ll let you know and even send you a notification when it’s packaged and ready to be downloaded. If it’s smaller, your download will start instantly.

Improvement: Shortcut to remove yourself from a Space You can now access the “remove me” option right from the elipsie on each Space in your left nav

Improvement: Expandable Spaces If you have folders within your Spaces you can now toggle open that folder and see it’s contents right in the same view as your Space