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Better downloading and fine-tuned track navigation



July 1, 2024

It’s officially summer but that hasn’t slowed us down in making big improvements to the speed and useability of Highnote. Here are just a few things that we’ve upgraded:

New: Request Access to a Space

Now, if a link changes or someone has issues accessing your Space, they will no longer receive a “you don’t have access” page but instead have the option to “Request Access” from the owner. The owner will then get a notification to either allow access, deny, or resend the link.

New: Smoother + Faster Downloading

Previously when waiting on a large download, you saw a spinner animation that didn’t offer much info about your download’s progress or remaining wait time.  This was because we were downloading everything in the background and then giving you an “instant” download experience once that finished. Depending on your connection that could feel like it was taking a long, long time.

Now, when you click to download a large Space we’ll calculate the size and estimated time it’ll take to process that download. If it’s a large file, we’ll let you know and even send you a notification when it’s packaged and ready to be downloaded. If it’s smaller, your download will start instantly.

New: Fine-tuned track navigation

Introducing Skip Mode: you can now adjust the way the navigation controls affect the waveform. Choose from the default full skip to move you to the next track, or smaller 15sec and 5sec increments to move forward and backward through a long track.

Other Improvements

  • When you reach a file size limit (4GB), we now send a notification tell you what happened

  • We’ve increased file sizes supported, to make your workflow faster 

    • Uploads:

      • Individual audio files up to 2GB

      • There are no limits on total size of batch uploads, as long as you’re within your total storage space of your plan

    • Downloads:

      • 10GB per batch download

      • If you do have a space that’s more than 10GB, which we haven’t seen happen often, you’ll just need to do a couple batches

  • You can now easily remove yourself from a Space via the ellipsis / the “...” in your upper left corner

  • If you have folders within your Spaces, you can now toggle the triangle to open that folder and see its contents on the left hand library navigation, without leaving the Space you’re in

  • The share screen permissions toggles were laggy for some users. We have accelerated that.

Bugs we fixed 

  • Updated mobile experience to use HTML5 audio and improve playback on mobile

  • The list of Spaces in the sidebar was in a different order than the Home tab

  • When being newly invited to Highnote via a nested Space, some users didn’t receive permissions to the appropriate Spaces within that tree

  • When moving files using the Move To picker, users could get into a state where no action could be taken

  • When loading a large number of tracks, some files would show processing errors

  • When loading a large number of tracks, hitting play would cause multiple tracks to play at the same time

  • These issues have all been resolved by our developer team, speeding up your workflow moving forward.

Highnote App Beta

We’ll be sending a dedicated email about this soon, but if you made it to the bottom of this post then you deserve to know now! 

We’ve been hard at work on a brand new iOS and Android mobile app for Highnote and we can’t wait to get your thoughts on it. If you’d like to be one of the first to try it out and give us your feedback, sign up for the Highnote Beta Waitlist right here.

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Join the thousands bringing calm to their creative process with Highnote

Join the thousands bringing calm to their creative process with Highnote

Join the thousands bringing calm to their creative process with Highnote