Get to final without missing a beat

Track versions, conversations, links, and people all in one place.

Everything in one space

With Highnote spaces, collaborators can upload audio files, manage versions, chat, and drag and drop notes to leave time-specific comments right on top of a track.


Integrate with the tools you already use.

Teams work with more than audio, that’s why we’re building ways to bring the power of Highnote into the tools you already use.

Share time-specific notes, reactions, melodies, and chat—all in real-time

Discuss a single track or an entire album—review everything—right alongside your track.

Review and share audio seamlessly in full-quality

Listen to mixes and takes as they should be heard—and toggle between versions to see what’s best.

“The relief amongst the team to no longer need to be sending so many emails is palpable...”

Joe Wadsworth, CEO of The Online Recording Studio

Tracks, links, and conversations all in one place.

Upload and share tracks and revelant content whether it’s in Highnote or not.

Keep versions under control

Organize every version of your tracks—including comments—so you never lose the perfect take.

Let us show you around

Highnote for Teams is currently in Beta. Request a demo and we’ll show you how Highnote can fit right in to your teams exisiting workflow.
Chris, Paulina, & Jordan — Highnote Co-Founders
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