Product Update: Smarter downloads, smoother uploads, Highnote plans

Product Update: Smarter downloads, smoother uploads, Highnote plans

Since our public beta launch late last year we’ve been hard at work incorporating your feedback and improving Highnote to be the very best way to organize and collaborate on your audio. Delivering on those requested features requires us to make a few changes to how storage, files, and Spaces are handled as well as some big improvements to how you upload and download on Highnote.

Smarter downloads, smoother uploads

Earlier this week you saw new capabilities on tracks and attachments appear in Highnote, including the ability to download anything you’ve uploaded directly from its row.

Click on the icon on any track or attachment to download a ZIP of all assets.

In addition, you’ll find a faster upload experience as well as the ability to navigate around Highnote while files upload in the background without canceling or pausing the process, freeing up your time to stay in your flow.


In addition to features, we’re rolling out tiers for all Highnote users as well. Starting March 15th, all accounts will start on the Free plan of Highnote. This is a fully featured plan, giving access to all of the features you’re used to. This includes 4GB of storage (twice as much as Dropbox), and up to 3 Spaces for sharing your work with unlimited collaborators, commenters, and listeners.

You’ll now have the option to level up to Plus or Pro plans should you need additional storage or want to create an unlimited number of Spaces to stay organized. Learn more about plans and features on our new pricing page.

If you’re currently using more than 3 Spaces but not ready to upgrade Highnote that’s ok, too. Just archive any unused Spaces to free up a slot. You still have access to everything in archived spaces, forever.

What’s next

In March, we’ll launch Highnote 1.0: our first post-beta release, which includes a more intuitive  user interface overhaul and more of your highly requested features, including:

  • Dark Mode
  • Level matching between versions
  • Custom naming of versions (instead of V1, V2, V3)
  • Seamless playlisting
  • More intuitive library organization

Plus, brand new Space + player views, bringing your content and core actions front and center.

Coming Soon

As always, we’re building this for you so please let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

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