Introducing: Highnote

Introducing: Highnote — The best way to discuss and organize notes on any audio file

For the last couple of months, we’ve been working with producers, engineers, production teams, podcasters, and artists to build the best way to discuss and organize notes around any audio file. As a team of musicians and music lovers, our goal has been simple: build a platform we ourselves would use and make it as easy, intuitive, and fun as possible.

Up until now, audio creators have largely relied on tools like email, SMS, and generic file sharing services not optimized for audio content. While companies such as have built amazing platforms that address this problem for video, and others such as Figma have solved this for design, audio-based creators have not had a tool that addresses their unique and varied needs.

Early on, we made a decision to bring audio creators into our product development process. Some of our earliest beta users have mixed for the likes of The Weeknd, Rosalía and worked with artists like Talib Kweli and Rihanna. We’ve worked hard to build a platform that is simple enough for a hobbyist to pick up and have a conversation, yet robust enough for professionals who rely on clear, reliable communication day in and day out.

"Highnote makes client collaborations easy and seamless. The biggest issue I used to face with clients is not getting a time stamp for the section that they are referring to in their notes. With Highnote, that’s a problem of the past. I will give up a client before I give up on Highnote.” — Barry Rashawn (Drake, JCole, Rosalia, Nicki Minaj)
Drag and drop comments anywhere on your track

Today, we’re excited to welcome the public into Highnote, a new platform to centralize your collaborators, comments, conversations, and audio project files all in one place. Record voice notes directly over a track, create polls to gather a group's opinions, and share timestamped reactions on any audio file. You can watch the video below to see how it works.

How we got here

In 2018, our Co-Founder and CEO, Jordan Bradley’s band broke up; sparking the seed for a side project that would become Highnote.

The idea was simple—build an essential tool for anyone who might want to gather better feedback on songs in progress beyond the standard “love it” and “hate it” responses. An artist could upload a track and send a private link, prompt the listener with questions at a particular time, and compare all the listeners’ individual responses in one place.

Jordans original sketches and designs

He pitched this concept around New York at songwriter meetups, tech parties, and cold emailed people whose skills and interests might align. In 2019, Jordan attracted now Highnote co-founders Paulina Vo (Squarespace, Songtrust, The Digilogue) and Chris Muccioli (Splice, Spotify, Kickstarter), both musicians and technologists.

What started as a little idea focused on helping aspiring singer-songwriters grew at the feet of a desperately obvious realization: despite audio being the keystone of multi-billion dollar industries - streaming, podcasting, digital audio advertising, audiobooks, scores for film and television, sound design for games and interactive media, and more - there was no essential baseline communication and workflow tool to support its production.

Today, we’re a team of 6 passionate builders, from music companies such as Songtrust, Splice, and Reverb to tech organizations like Squarespace and Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse).

Where we’re going

We’re excited to see some of the most prolific creators, producers, and managers across audio start to shift their workflows to Highnote in the coming months. Our goal is to be akin to Slack or iMessage for audio creators and their teams — the go-to messaging and workflow platform for the millions of people for whom working with audio is core to their daily business and passion.

From there, we’ll grow into exciting spaces like education, creator marketplaces, and equitable rights management. The list goes on. If we do our job right, we’ll be so lucky as to be a trusted mainstay in the creator ecosystem.

Enough about the future though, we’re excited about today. Create your first space, add some collaborators, and tell us what you think. You can also email us at, we’d love to hear from you. We’re still building so let us know what you want to see next.
— 👋 Highnote

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